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Graveside Flowers

Graveside Flowers....Leaving Artificial flowers on the graves of loved ones is a special practice. Many times, when we tend the graves of those we've lost, we leave arrangements of flowers we think they would have liked, or even flowers that we know were their favourites in life. At Pam's we have created Artificial Floral Tombstone pieces that can be placed on the tombstone. A practical way to have some Flowers that last for many months or even an entire season.

Headstone Sprays – Headstone sprays are an elegant way to honour your loved one. They make a great impression and can be seen from far away because they are fairly large and sit on top of the headstone. A special bracket holds them in place. Because headstone sprays stay off the ground, they don't impede cemetery maintenance crews and, thus, can remain in place for extended periods of time.