Orchid Plants

Welcome to our very 1st page exclusively dedicated to Orchid Plants. At Pam's Flower Garden we strive to provide new and exciting flowering plants. For many years and to this day we stock Phalaenopsis Orchid plants grown right here in Ontario.

We are really excited in bringing in Orchid Plants from Thailand and Taiwan. The varieties, bloom size and colours are totally off the charts.Varieties include Phalaenopsis, Miltoniopsis, butterwort, epidendrum, oncidium, vanda, cattelaya and many more.Orchid plants are easy to care for and flowering time can be up to many many months.Each orchid plant comes with care instructions, in its very own decorative container and beautifully presented and gift wrapped by Pam's Designers. Varieties do change through out the year and if you are a bit of a risk taker then check out Orchid of the Day! Always a great deal at only $69.95