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Rentals & Chair Covers - by Pam's Flower Garden


Look through our selections of Rentals and Chair covers.
At Pam’s we have everything from the flowers to the rentals to make your day special.

Our design team can help you decorate your ceremony, reception or party from top to bottom. We have a large selection of rentals to choose from. We have can help you make your wedding or event sparkle with all of our items.

Don't forget to ask about any specials or promotions we might have!

For all our pricing and selections please call us for a complimentary no obligation quote on any decor or flowers.

Chrome Urns and Candelabras [REN-041]
Chrome Urns and Candelabras [REN-042]
Chrome Urns and Candelabras [REN-043]

Glass Candeleabra Rentals [REN-032]
Chair Cover entals [REN-033]
Filigree Glass Vase Rentals [REN-034]

Glass Cylinder and Candle holder Rentals [REN-035]
Blachite Glass Cylinder Rentals [REN-036]
Glass and Beads Tower Rental [REN-037]

Square Glass Cubes [REN-001]
Square Glass Cubes [REN-002]
Glossy Black Ceramic [REN-003]

Cubic Zirconia [REN-005]
Black Ceramic [REN-006]
Cubic Zirconia [REN-007]

Long Glass Rectangle [REN-008]
Long Glass Rectangle [REN-009]
Long Glass Rectangle [REN-010]

Bud Vase [REN-015]
Plant Rental [REN-016]
Cube Rental [REN-017]

New Age Glass [REN-018]
Glass Cube [REN-019]
Soho Glass Cube [REN-020]

Soho Black Vase [REN-021]
New Age Square [REN-022]
Long Glass Rectangle [REN-023]

Glass Pew Vases [REN-024]
Glass Cylinders [REN-025]
Glass Cylinders [REN-026]

Surrey Martini [REN-027]
Filigree [REN-028]
Reverse [REN-029]

Fiberglass Urns [REN-030]
Fiberglass Base [REN-031]
Glam Goblet Vases [REN-038]

Chandelier & Glass Vase [REN-039]
Martini Glam Vases [REN-040]
Rentals [BPF-026]

Rentals [BPF-027]
Rentals [BPF-028]